Saturday, October 31, 2015

Black Angora Skirt Fail

Hey everyone! Remember my awesome Black Angora No Sew Refashion from a couple weeks ago? Let me refresh your memory :)

Well... I still had the bottom scrap left over and I decided to make a skirt. I gave it some shape with a couple of cuts, made a casing for elastic, and voila!

While the Angora skirt turned out fine... I didn't like the "pencil" shape of it on me. I'm a little too hippy to wear anything but "A-Line" fits.  These after pics are of another black skirt refashion I did last Summer. If you want to see the pics of my thunder thighs in the Angora skirt (that I designated as a 'Fail' on my blog) click here.

Happy Refashioning! ...and remember to keep it real :)

Laura, Accidental Seamstress (It's not just a gimmick folks, I really suck sometimes) 


Lovenicky said...

Wonderful refashion! 1 item produces 2 garments. Great job!

jenny_o said...

I've found that heavier knitted garments (like sweaters, or like your dress here) do tend to cling too much on me also. I'd rather wear something flowy like the skirt you ended up photographing. I love this outfit and I love that you're keeping it real. Readers need to know that not everything goes as planned for the more experienced refashioners here - then they know they're not failures, just normal!

g.satansbraten said...

Hi5 folks!
Yet: PLEASE get real about 'the biggest thighs in the world' as well; thanks !
How about you keep the 'stupid' thing of a skirt and have a look into your wardrobe whether you'll find anything longer to wear over it: short A-line dress; longer cardie; blouse worn outside/over it, since it's at least very 'colour-tolerant' and comfy !?
If you're not usually into 'longer', please think about some 'petty coats' for current already existing T-Shirts/blouses ?
I personally like those separate worn 'extenders' underneath those a tad shorter, since it gives me the freedom to utilise them to boxy 'underneaths' just as well (= in orig. shorter version than) AND to skinny slimline looks, which look aaawkward on me if my thighs aren't covered ^^!
Hence: please be a bit more merciful with your own figure - THAT's what 'packaging industry' is for and you are not even dependent on entire ready bought things being capable to tackle a sewing machine ;-) !
Loving and encouraging clap onto your bottom and off you go,

LG, Gerlinde

Carissa said...

I don' think this was a fail at all! I like the A-line skirt you changed to, but I liked the pencil skirt on you as well. Ultimately, it's about your comfort though, so if you didn't like it, then that's cool. Maybe chop off the waistband and make it a simple infinity scarf for winter?


Chickie Walsh said...

I appreciate your honesty. I have a lot of fails when I sew too.

RanchHouse said...

Looking forward to a future save. Scarf? Shawl? Mary @ Ranch House c

Accidental Seamstress said...

Thanks for the encouragement everyone! I appreciate the feedback :)