Thursday, October 08, 2015

Dangerous Curves Ahead: Making New Arm Holes

Hello Refashion Co-op. My latest project is great when it's cold in the morning and warm in the afternoon. That is how Fall is around here. Wear this under a sweater and then wear it alone when it gets warm.

I started with this nice striped blouse. I removed the sleeves and narrowed the shoulders. This required new arm holes. Sewing around the curves of the arm holes was tricky for me. The fabric was silky and slippery. I need to practice more.


I finished this shirt and made one more for my daughter.

This shirt was easier to work with. the material was thicker and frayed less. I cut the sleeves off.
Then, I cut along the shoulder seam. and pinned the arm hole. 

Here is the finished shirt. The shoulders are even more narrow on this top. I like that even more than the first top. My daughter liked it too.

Thanks for reading. For more information about how I did this project go to my blog, I Can Work With That.


jennifer elliott said...

Fabulous refashion! I love wearing shirts you can pair with a sweater or by itself. Nice job.

jennifer elliott, EOD

jennifer elliott said...

I also need to practice with the more slippery and silky fabric too. I love the feel and look of the fabric, but working with it is frustrating. Practice makes perfect.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD

g.satansbraten said...

Nice job - thumbs up.

Questions to others in this field, please: could some sort of sticky tape perhaps ease a job like this 'slippery jack' a bit? There are special ones around for sewing yet up to now I preferred the normal usually anyway handy hanging around 'see-through' which I 'de-glued' (bit by bit as needed) a tad by first tapping my T-Shirt with it. Problem: this is JUST as slippery hence my question to the audience.

LG, Gerlinde

jenny_o said...

Gerlinde, I was waiting to see if anyone else had good advice on working with slippery fabric; all I can suggest from my limited experience (because now I avoid those fabrics like crazy!) is that it's easier to tack it or baste it in place by hand and then use the machine to sew it down for a nice-looking finish. Or pin the life out of it! But I don't like pins, I am always stabbing myself, so ... basting is my preference. Also, like Jennifer above says, practice helps. Maybe you could use something old, made of similar material, just for practice.

jenny_o said...

Cute shirts! Our weather is like that at this time of year, too, so this is a good solution.

g.satansbraten said...

... will stick to 'practising' as well then ( ;-) + sigh)

LG, Gerlinde
usually with 1 litre less blood as well after working with pins :-D + high5