Monday, October 05, 2015

Flowy Fall Flowers

This weekend, I decided to refashion a little sweater in anticipation of real sweater weather to come. The double-breasted button placket on this rusty orange cardigan was super annoying - the bottom layer kept getting wadded up under the top layer. Combined with the remnants of another refashion from a few years back though, it'll make a perfect transitional top for this transitional weather.

Flowy Fall Flowers Sweater - BeforeFlowy Fall Flowers Sweater - Before

I removed all the buttons and reattached half of them closer to the edge opposite the button holes. That fixed the awkward button placket. I cut up the back of the sweater and inserted a triangular panel of the sheer floral fabric to make it a looser, flowier top.

Flowy Fall Flowers Sweater - After

I also added the floral collar to the cardigan for a little extra color in front. Finally, I reattached the other half of the buttons in between the original ones, to make sure there was no gaping. I simply sewed them on through both layers of the sweater since I can now get it on and off over my head easily.

Flowy Fall Flowers Sweater - After

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Flowy Fall Flowers - Before & After


Refashion said...

I love the fabric combination you have chosen and the shape of the triangle on the back


Amy Jo said...

Looks amazing!