Saturday, October 24, 2015

Game of Thrones, part 2: sweater cape

This one of my outfits worn by my wrestling character when I did a month-long return to my old wrestling promotion last April. My last post was a cut-up velvet dress and DIY necklace as part of my Game of Thrones inspired wrestling show costume series. Here's another one. It's a sweater that I turned into a cape. Spoiler alert: I pretty much just cut the sleeves off.
Here's the big, green sweater from Savers. Below is the faux fur collar that I unbuttoned from another sweater and attached a chain and some clips to.
My look for that week was a nod to Lady Catelyn Stark, a motherly figure from GoT. On the show (or in the books), each family or "house" has a symbol. I was a member of WAW Wrestling from 2001-2012 and during this time, my character Moody Starr was nicknamed "The Queen Bee." I found a pendant with a bee on it and added that to my costume as the symbol for the House of Starr.

Here's the sweater which is now an armless sweater; therefore it's a cape!
See more of the process (well, mostly just read about my thought process) in my post at Craft, Thrift, or Die!


Elizabeth Hill said...

I love your projects! Great costume!

- Elizabeth, EOD
aka The Hungry Octopus

Anonymous said...

Amazing job! Looks great!!

Catherine1216 said...

This is beautiful on you. You did a great job on it.