Thursday, October 29, 2015

Re-sizing A Man's T-shirt And A Skirt To Go With It

Hello Refashion Co-op. Tuesday and Thursday are my sewing days. Today is a double project. a fitted T and a skirt. Both needed a little work to make them fit.

It started with some big men's T-shirts I was given. (Or acquired from a man close to me.) I used a shirt of mine to mark the new shirt for size and shape. I love working with T's, no fraying. 

This skirt has a subtle pinstripe. I liked the material. It has a corporate business look. That isn't my style but I thought if I went shorter it would look more fun and less formal. It was too loose and needed a little re-sizing too.

That's it. Thank you for your time. If you want more info, check I Can Work With That. Now go make something fabulous for yourself.


jennifer elliott said...

Great job on both refashions. I love the outfit in the last picture.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD

P.S. Just a reminder, don't forget to add your username -- Chickie -- in the label area on your posts. thanks!

Chickie Walsh said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I am finally seeing the comments. I can be a little slow. And I see about the labels too. Thanks for your patience.