Thursday, October 01, 2015

A dab of color

I have been wanting a denim blue shirt for awhile. I have some leftover RIT dye and a pink shirt that I never wear. It is an IZOD that was a gift. It is sooo soft but unfortunately pink is not my color. So... you know what comes next  : )
This shirt has actually be refashioned before, I added darts to make it a fitted shirt several years ago.  It still didn't get worn very much.

I soaked in hot, hot water for about 30 minutes with the RIT dye and salt...

And this is the finished product. The color is not purple as the camera shows. It really is a denim blue. I am happy with the results. Even the buttons took on the dye.  But  I washed it after wearing it, somehow it bleached on the collar and a small area on the front. Not really sure how that happened as I didn't use any bleach. I washed it with dark clothing and it was the only piece that was affected.  So I think I may either add lace to cover up the bleached areas  or may even try to re-dye it.  I will figure out something ; )

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jennifer elliott said...

A little color makes a big difference! Nice job.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD