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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Indian Summer? Pah!

I'm not sure if you're experiencing warm weather where you are at the moment, but here in London, from one minute to the next, I don't know whether it's going to pour down - or crack the flags!
I mean, I don't mind sunshine - I'd prefer it, but it does feel like too little, too late; what happened to our summer?

So, Moaning Minnie moment over (!) - here's my last summery refashion for the year. In fact, it's just a cut, no sewing involved, so in a way mirrors what I feel about the British Summer; going out with a fizzle...
I took a too-tight-around-the-throat t-shirt...

And opened it up to make it more beach-worthy...

Nothing difficult about it, it was a nice easy 'detox' after the surge of outfits created for the Refashion Runway (which feels like years ago now..!). If you'd like to see how I went about it, details can be found here...

Before 'n' After

I'm really enjoying all your Halloween outfits... will see if I can come up with anything worthy of sharing in the next couple of weeks! In the meantime, wishing you sunshine wherever you are x
Gema x


Carissa said...

I know what you mean! Those weekly Refashion Runway challenges can really take it out of you! Glad to see you easing back into it. :)

This tee looked a little uncomfortable to begin with. I hate necklines that are too tight. But your simple solution make a huge difference!


Gema Ensenat said...

Thanks Carissa! And there should be a word or expression for it, like 'refashion burnout' or something ;) Talk about taking it back to basics!! :D