Friday, October 30, 2015

My DIY Refashionista Costume

Even though Halloween as I know it is not at all celebrated in Germany my refashionista brain still insists on coming up with loads of awesome costume ideas. Throughout the years I’ve managed to suppress my urge to put together a groovy get up that will never be worn but the other day inspiration whacked my head hard and I just had to create and share my quirky last minute costume idea:

A Before and After Refashionista Tutorial!

Here’s how to easily make your own diy diva salute from a thrifted maxidress...


Saga said...

I love the idea :-)

Carissa said...

This is so clever! I might've even worn a houseshoe on the right foot for the "before" side. And now that Halloween has passed, you can simply finish the other half of the refashion. Great idea!


Anonymous said...

What a clever idea!