Thursday, October 29, 2015

Panty Fix

This might be a little strange but I decided to alter these cute little panties. When I bought these I thought they were cute but did not think about the comfort level of them. The back is a fish net stocking type of material and was not at all enjoyable to sit on all day. I didn’t want to toss a new pair of panties so I chose to update them. I also have never worked with elastic before and this was the perfect small project to start with. 

First, I cut the front part from the back. Then I placed the back cut out part on a black t-shirt, which is far too small for me now, and cut around the outline. Next, I sewed the new cut out t-shirt part to the original front part. I wanted to keep the original elastic to match the rest so I cut that out of the back piece and sewed it onto the new t-shirt piece. Last, I sewed the sides together and done. They are still just as cute but much more wearable.  



g.satansbraten said...

;-) - weeell, this is - perhaps and at least for your mentioned learning purpose to sew stretch material - a really great way.
... just checking, whether I should have done the same to mine; yet I decided to rather utilise them as matching stretchy AND luckily colour* matching lace part as occasional top/halters to an otherwise high waisted full skirt and hence use this 'flexibility' to wear the skirt as dress as well at other times.

LG, Gerlinde

* couldn't resist, since the orange-red was a real real perfect match to the skirt :-o + ;-)
... and they weren't scratchy/itchy anyway

jennifer elliott said...

I'm with you -- I hate when new things don't work out after the first wear. Good save.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD