Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pink Pinch Dress

I picked up a couple of dresses on an online super clearance. The price was right and they looked good in photos, but when they arrived, I realized that I had ended up getting a shapeless knit tent.

I didn't have to do much to fix this problem. 

I brought in the sides at the top then created a waist by adding pinch-type pleats on each side, in the back and then two in the front. This shaped the skirt much better and gave it some movement.

Then I cut off the long sleeves to make them 3/4.

My (dark) after photo is following a long day at work, I styled my refashioned dress for the office with all black accessories - tights, belt, cardigan and a chunky black necklace.

You can read more details on the process on my blog,

1 comment:

jennifer elliott said...

So pretty! I love it. I love wearing a skirt or dress with a cute sweater and tights. Nice job.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD