Monday, October 05, 2015

Refashion Mathematics: Part 3

In part 3 of Refashion Mathematics, 1 grandma dress + gifted fabric = 2 cute dresses

A couple months before my husband's grandmother passed away, she was clearing her closet of clothes that she no longer wore, and passed a few pieces on to me.

I loved the color and pattern of this dress, but the cut was totally 90's school teacher (or 00's grandmother).

I cut the middle out of the ankle-length dress to shorten it to knee length. The extra fabric from the middle I used to add a little extra fullness to the skirt.
It looks super cute with a white cardigan too.
The jacket from the dress got chopped up and added to some fabric that I was gifted and turned into a sun dress for my daughter. I made it a little loose, so it should fit her again next summer as well.
She loves her Royals dress!


Refashion said...

Two great refashions. Your dress looks lovely and I like the fabric. Your daughter looks very sweet. Love the simple shape of the sundress


Amy Jo said...

Wow. Good job changing that grandma outfit!