Friday, October 09, 2015

Shirt Shenanigans, Part I

Hello hello!

So recently, I modified 3 shirts in a row. Didn't plan it that way; I just kept grabbing shirts out of my refashion box. So I'll make parts I, II and III for everyone to enjoy!

Pink AND polkadotty? Um, YES PLEASE! Problems: way too big, shapeless, and weird 3/4 sleeves

The photo doesn't do it justice; this shirt really is bubble gum pink

So like Michelangelo contemplating a marble block before making his first cut with the chisel, I put the shirt on inside out and began to trace an entirely new neckline and back

More tracing...

I hacked away and ended up with a rough tank top shape!

I then folded it in half length wise at the neck and back to make sure the whole thing was symmetrical

Taking in...
And sewed up all the raw edges...

The fit was still wonky though, so I added some bust darts. I'm not sure if this is the 'proper' way to do them, but it seems to be working

Even after all, it was a weeeeeee bit too long, so I brought up the straps a little

Et voila!

A nice new scoop neck; low enough to be cute but still acceptable for work....

And I REALLY like how the back turned out!

And darts! Woo hoo!

So there is part I! I've worn this shirt a few times already and I'm really pleased with it. It was cool to find this tank 'hidden' in that frumpy old shirt. Pink polka dots gets an extreme makeover! :)

Au revoir!



jenny_o said...

So cute! *Just enough* pink and polka dots :)

Samwise J. said...

Thanks Jenny! I grabbed that off the rack so fast I made the hanger spin! ;)

Andrea said...

Cute! I love this type of shirt refashion, and the pink and polka dots are the cream on top :)

Andrea EOD