Sunday, October 25, 2015

Shirt Shennangians, Part IIIA better

The final installment in the latest shirt frenzy!

A Ralph Lauren plaid for like $3? Yes please!

The usual problem of being too big and baggy. I took it in at the sides (of course) so that it still fit loose, but not shapeless. I wanted to do more to it after that, but at the same time keep that traditional red plaid feel... I am of the mind that red plaid should not be fussed with. It's glorious on it's own!

So I took a scrap and tested some fabric markers...

...And sketched out some rough stencils...

Then made some better stencils...

...Then pinned those where I wanted!

Diamonds on the sleeves

Stars on the front

Then I traced around the edges and colored them in!


I then grabbed some beads and bobs to add to the 'grunge' look. I sewed these little washers on the bottom of the button plackett

Added silver buttons on the sleeve

And these little pale gold buttons on the pack shoulders. They have a little crest on them!

A better shot of the back. I thought I had a nicer one of the front too but I guess not :/

So there you go! I ended up with a fun, funky shirt. The only reason this took me weeks to do (yikes) was because I had to hand-sew all the little accents on, and you guys know how I feel about hand sewing, so I kept stalling. It looks cool but I'm glad it's done so I can move onto the next project!

Till later


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Carissa said...

It is definitely fun and funky! Very creative!