Friday, October 16, 2015

Shirt Shennanigans, Part II

Hello Cupcakes!

Part II of the recent shirt frenzy in Illy and Addie's sewing shoppe!

Problems: Massive, shapeless, weird baggy pockets and sleeves about 4 miles too long

But look at the fabric! Could you say no?

Step one: goodbye tragic, flappy saggy pockets

Step two: Goodbye large chunk of sleeve length!

Step three: Adios collar. We're going for a small, standing collar sort of look

At this point, I rolled up the sleeves to where I wanted them to be on my arms. I'm a huge fan of rolled sleeves, and decided that I wanted to make these prema-rolled!

I cut some strips which would become faux sleeve tabs (what do you call those little strips?)

Since this fabric was so soft, I knew my rolled sleeves would come undone if I didn't do something. So I created a very... Creative process of sewing the sleeve and just the inside of the rolled part together in a long, loose stitch. Very tedious and very strange; it works but not something they'd want me on Project: Runway for!

Pinning the faux roll tabs to the sleeves. Notice the sleeves are staying rolled of their own accord!

I stitched on a button to make the faux tabs look a bit more 'authentic', and then took in the sides of course...

Tah daaaahhhh!

Casually rolled sleeves, NBD, they were just the longest part of this entire project...

And the collar. I used my seam ripper to take the actual collar off, then used my machine to sew things back together (the collar was sandwiched between the two layers of the stand, which means that removing the collar left a big hole. That probably makes no sense. Do they have a class about garment anatomy and physiology?)

And there you go! Hopefully it will be cool enough in a month or two to wear this one...



Valerie said...

I definitely wouldn't say no to that fabric! Great work!

Jean said...

It turned out cute. The fabric is great. If you sew the sleeve up with a double sized hem, then it works to roll itself up over itself and the sewn hem won't show. You could have done it with the machine.

jennifer elliott said...

I love the print too! Nice find and great refashion.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD

Samwise J. said...

Jean, thanks for the tip! I'll remember that next time. It's probably about a zillion times easier than what I did!