Friday, October 09, 2015

Spiderweb and her pet

I just moved to a new smaller apartment. Between the craziness of the move, and the fact that I sold or gave away most of the contents of my Projects Box, I haven't been able to create any refashioned masterpieces and might not for a while!

But here's a Halloween costume I did last year, before I was a member of the co-op. It's the perfect project for anyone who has a spiderweb dress lying around (and who doesn't, right?)!

 I started with this long form-fitting dress in a spiderweb mesh fabric (shown here with the bottom already cut off)
And snipped and sewed it into this shorter frillier thing (complete with spidery veil).
No spiderweb is complete without a spider, so my poor unwilling dog was conscripted as my must-have accessory! [Spider attached to dog sweater by strips of velcro.]

Happy Halloween, fellow Refashioners!


jenny_o said...

Love the changes you made. And major props for the pup costume!!

jennifer elliott said...

I love love love the spider costume for your little one! So cute. Have you seen the video where a dog is dressed as a black spider and scares people in the night. It's hilarious and so cute at the same time.

Andrea said...

Spider costume is adorable! And very clever of you ;) Love the spiderweb lace piece as well...perfect accompaniment to your pup.

Andrea EOD

Anielska Aniela said...

What a sweet spider!