Saturday, October 31, 2015

Stamped-on moth costume

I needed a costume and decided to go as a moth. Such a guy.
But a moth that someone has stamped on.

Part 1 - Upper body.
Black T-shirt, white textile paint, winter boots.

I used the boots a stamp.

And cut in the T-shirt to make it look destroyed.

Part 2 - Eyes and antennaes
Hair band, pipe cleaners, and a tennis ball cut in two.

I painted the tennis ball parts black and sewed them to the hairband (= eyes). I attached the pipe cleaners to the hairband (= antennaes). One crumpled up.

Part 3 - Wings
Chiffon from this dress and a few meters of fence wire.

I cut the chiffon moth-wing-shaped, made a casing along the uper edge and pulled the fence wire through. A loop of the fence wire is attached to my bra (which turned out to be a just fine rest for the wings). I did that with both wings.

A bandage on one arm, black pencil skirt, grey patterned tights, and black boots.

Back-combed hair because moths have fluffy heads. Grey and black makeup.

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Carissa said...

Haha! How original! I love how many different materials/objects you made use of to create this. Great job!