Saturday, October 10, 2015

Swimsuit cover up

I refashioned this white linen shirt into a swimsuit cover up.  I wore it a couple of times and did not feel comfortable in it.    The shirt has a lot of pretty details and I did not want to get rid of it.   I tried to keep most of them except for the ones on the sleeves.



Now I can wear it to the beach or pool parties and fee comfortable wearing it.Swimsuit cover up

The sleeves were removed and from that I made facings for the armholes

I opened the sides and inserted lace

The shoulders now have a gathered tie.
 Thank you for viewing.


whatthesew said...

A great refashion, looks good without the sleeves. Look forward to more posts.

Andrea said...

so cute! I've been wanting to make myself a coverup similar to this, and I love how you did it :)

Carissa said...

Very cute! It's amazing the difference from removing the sleeves. I love the lace inserts too!

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