Sunday, October 04, 2015

Onesie and pants from two old shirts: even better this time!

Well, here's another oldie but goodie. I found this one when I was cleaning out my kids' closets. I got a few items of kids' clothing out of these two old shirts of mine. I loved the fabric and the colours and the print - they were even better the second time around.
Here is what the shirts looked like before:

Here's the onesie and pants that I made out of them, using the online tutorial that I linked to in my last post (here it is again, in case you need it:

You can see that the sleeves of the long sleeved hoodie ended up as the legs of the pants, and I used the raspberry stripey shirt for the body of the onesie, with some scraps from the hoodie as the binding:

Pretty cute, eh? My daughter is five now, but I've kept this outfit, she wore it so much, and so did her little sister - waiting for somebody special to pass it along to! Stay tuned for the sweater I made more recently out of the hood and scraps - my three year old is still wearing it!

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Carissa said...

Your daughter looked *so adorable* in it, and I'm sure whomever you pass it along to will love it! Great job!