Thursday, October 08, 2015

Too small linen dress to skirt

I bought this too small linen dress from my favourite charity shop for £1

It was made (in China) by Laura Ashley and was 100% linen.

I liked the style and my plan was to make it bigger by adding extra panels at the back, but this proved to much complicated work and I changed to the simpler plan of making the bottom part into a skirt.

I added a cord frill, the fabric from which came from an old jacket, and also used the lining of the jacket to cover up the back of the frill, which looked quite messy.

More details of the process here

I couldn't resist adding some flowers.

I thought length of this skirt would be suitable for wearing with boots when the weather eventually gets colder, but at the moment it's still t-shirt and sandals weather.


Valerie said...

Super cute skirt!

jennifer elliott said...

I can't resist flowers too! I love the refashion.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD

g.satansbraten said...

Hmmm, would it have been a useful option for you to rather add a panel at the front of the dress? Means: sort of 'bust-insert' like some 'dirndl-style/country-mansion-comfy-style' cuts of 'traditional costumes' worn in Europe. This trick is at times providing me an extended use of much loved Jackets and/or dresses which, ooohm, gradually 'shrunk of my slightly more cushioned getting body' ;-) !

LG, Gerlinde