Saturday, October 17, 2015

We aim to please

Carissa wanted to know if my butterfly cut out was going to hold up in the wash, so I thought I'd let everybody know!

We're going with: 'Not that bad.'

Even the bit between the two shapes cut for the body held up! If I were to try the technique again I'd make sure not to cut my shapes too close. The only thing I'd advise other that that is to make sure to use a good quality slightly heavier than average T -- and of course use very sharp scissors! Click the link above for the step-by.

As for Gema, who wanted an up close shot of my last project posted here, well

like I said, your happy wee editors are here to please!



Alyssa Wesselmann said...

Have you considered first attatching some light weight fusable interfacing to the back, then making your cut out? That might help keep the edges of your cut out crisp

IWOM said...

Now that seems like a very sensible idea!

I think that would be a good plan if you were using a thinner fabric.


jennifer elliott said...

Every project gives something to learn from ... thanks for the update on the butterfly cutout.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD