Sunday, November 29, 2015

A remake of something new created item number 2

I don't often buy new full price, but this was for a very special occasion, and it was inexpensive enough for me to buy 2. It was exactly the print I wanted but not in the style, so even when willing to buy RTW I can't usually find what I want! Visit here for how to create the new neck tie!

This refashion, created pieces for another refashion including collar, cuffs, front stands and bits of body. I had used most of the body pieces for the neck tie.

 I knew where I'd seen a good contrast print... on a sale rail!

I self drafted the 2nd top basing it on the Sewoverit vintage shirt dress and reused the leftover pieces from the 1st refashion. For details on how I hacked the pattern look on my blog!


Carissa said...

Wow! Those two fabrics look like they were meant for each other. Great job on both tops!


Linda Wilson said...

Hi. Thank you. I know I could hardly believe my luck!!

Marisa Glied said...

Very nice! Its hard to imagine those fabrics not together!