Monday, November 23, 2015

A Scarf for the Scarfaholic

Last week was our roomie's Birthday!!! Yay!!!
So the question was...what should I get for her!? ...Or make for her!? ;)

I hope you aren't thinking I got her a bandanna, scrub top, scrap fabric or yard of black lace for her Birthday gift...because that would be a very random gift, even if she is getting into refashioning.
All these things were made into an infinity scarf! Let me tell you this girl is a SCARFAHOLIC! She has the biggest collection of scarfs in the state of Michigan! So I figure why not add 1 more scarf to the collection!?

1st I cut 2 long rectangles from the back of the scrub top.

I layed out the bandanna. Pinned 3 inches of the white scrap fabric and then pinned the rectangles from the scrub top to that.

I added about 10inches of the black lace. Folded over the fabric and sewed the edge together.

Finally I sewed the edges together to make it an infinity scarf.
Ta da!

Here we go! It was ready to be wrapped up for present time!
Sorry readers but I have yet to snap pic of our roomie actually wearing this scarf but I will say she loves it and has worn it twice already :)
Happy Refashioning!!!
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Refashion said...

I love the juxtaposition of the different fabrics in this scarf. Great job!

Debbie EOD

Marisa Glied said...

Thank you so much!