Friday, November 13, 2015

Bat costumes

I meant to post these earlier, in October, but to be honest I only finished them on Hallowe'en - just in time for the kids to go trick or treating! I cut up my husband's ugly old bathrobe for part of these costumes (the white fabric). I didn't take a clear before photo of the bathrobe, because it was one of my first ever projects done on a sewing machine (I used to make wacky clothing in high school by hand) and it was crazy ugly and sloppy. Anyway, here's the bathrobe being disassembled:

 As you cas see, I used a dress that fits my daughter as a guide for sizing. Let's get a close-up of that mug!

And here's the inspiration stuffy:

The kids were pretty happy with the final product!

And a better look:

Thanks for reading! 


Valerie said...


DressUpNotDown said...

The cutest little bats ever!!!!!!!!!


jenny_o said...

Aw ... those are super cute! Great job.

Andrea said...

such cute costumes! Great job and thank you for sharing as I have a son who is very fond of bats ;)

Andrea EOD