Thursday, November 26, 2015

Gandhi Tote Bag

I was recently at a clothing exchange party and scored this t-shirt. It was too tight on top and very stretched on the bottom but I loved the statement it made. I had a freebie swag bag that was not overly fashionable with a company logo. So I decided to combine the two.

I cut out the text on the front and back of the t-shirt and strategically placed it over top of the Lexen Logo on the bag. I also kept the tag from the t-shirt to place on the bottom to make it look more professional. I then pinned the pieces onto the bag and found some bright orange thread to match the text color and zig-zagged stitched it on. 

I will now wear this bag proudly with the statement from Ghandi. 

Also, after cutting out the text from the t-shirt, I still had plenty of material left over. Trying to waste as little as possible I decided to use the rest of the uber soft material to make a cover for my heat pack. A few posts ago I made a cover for my meditation eye pillow and someone made a comment about using that same process for a heat/cold pack. I happen to use mine all the time and thought that was a fantastic idea.. thank you!

This time instead of making the insertion point the centre of the cover I decided to try making it pillow case style and keeping one edge long to fold over and tuck inside, it worked well. 

This old, unwanted t-shirt will now be enjoyed as two separate items. : )



Chickie Walsh said...

I have always loved that quote. And the bag is much improved. Good job.

jennifer elliott said...

I do the same thing with the reusable grocery bags. I love covering the logos with something a little more fun and fashionable. Great job. I love the quote too!

Jennifer Elliott, EOD