Thursday, November 19, 2015

Lace Applique Top

Despite the fact I hate the 80's... I was drawn to this 80's inspired dress:

I don't know why... but I love this flourish :) I decided to make it the focal point. First, I chopped off some length on the diagonal

Then, I appliqued black lace over the flourish

 And made bias tape for the neckline with the remaining scraps.

This was a perfect T-shirt for Vacationing in Florida! :)

More Vacation Refashions to come. In the meantime, Happy Refashioning! :)


jennifer elliott said...

I love the angled hem of the shirt. Great job.

Jennifer, EOD

Accidental Seamstress said...

Thank you :)

jenny_o said...

I like this so much - and the colour is beautiful on you.