Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Long cardigan becomes wrapover top with ties.

This cardigan was a real bargain, and although I do like long cardigans in this style I wasn't too keen on the curve where the fronts meet the hem. So that meant it was perfect for a refashion.

The before images above clearly shows the offending curve. It felt like the front of the cardigan seemed too short! Anyway, any excuse to try a refashion! Below is the refashion, a wrapover top with bow ties.

And then another, while I was enjoying the process!!

To see how I did this visit my blog

I'm not so keen on the floral wrap over top. I may have to give it a bit of a tweak??
As for the grey one, I started wearing it again, as we go into winter, and I did give it a tweak! Can you see in the images what the problem was? The big bulky bow!! Was sticking out and lumpy, bumpy when I wore a coat or jacket over it, so although in the image, it looks quite pretty, it has been altered. I shortened and narrowed down the ties, marking the lengths when I had it on. Now it's better.


jennifer elliott said...

I love wrap shirts and these look fabulous! Amazing!

RanchHouse said...

So very well done. Thanks for sharing
Mary @ RanchHouse EOD

Linda Wilson said...

Thank you both. The grey one is a very flattering shape to wear.