Monday, November 23, 2015

The Curly Hat Mend and Refasion

Once upon a time I found an vintage hat at the Goodwill Outlet. Months later while moving I found it under a sofa with the decorative fur missing and a hole in its place. There was only one likely suspect. He is ridiculously cute, has a weakness for furry objects, and hiding things under furniture. 
The damage was done, but instead of just throwing it out I put it in a box with the rest of my sewing stuff to figure something out later. Fast forward to today while digging around for a pack of needles which I have hopelessly lost I pulled the hat out of my "to mend" drawer. 

It is a really great vintage hat and with the flurries starting to fly I decided it was time it found its way out of the drawer. I do apologize I don't have a photo of it from before the hole was made. Judging from the size of the hole I decided a nice bow would work great. I had some black bias tape leftover from a coat to vest refashion earlier this month.

Its slightly stiff structure ended up working perfectly for the makings of my bow. I had to make it rather elaborate to cover the entirety of the hole. Once I found a shape that worked I created the bow then started to tack it down to the hat. I tacked down only the backs of the bows and the top of the center so the bow still had a bit of movement to it. Finally the hole is covered! I do quite enjoy the hat with just the plain black bow, but I left the bottom of the bow's center untacked so I could add something special if I wanted to!

Clip on earrings are one of my favorite vintage finds. So many great ones can be found in thrift stores and they can be so versatile. I add them to add interest to a boring ponytail or in this instance to clip it to a hat!

Next step I guess is to figure out how to wear it, and to keep it out of the paws of this little guy! Sorry for the horrid photo he wouldn't sit still! 
Thanks for reading!!
*Edited to add better photos, before and after picture, and some content changes.


g.satansbraten said...

You're right with the earrings - like them too.
With the 'working out how to best wear it ...' you'd better practise a little bit more or adjust yourself with as smile ;-) :-D .
Currently you look more 'matching' to the cutie of dog on the pics; means: come on smile and don't YOU mess up the good job you've done now (instead of the dog beforehand) by not doing so, PLEASE.

LG, Gerlinde

Refashion said...

The hat looks lovely. The bow and earring add a really great touch to it.

Debbie EOD

Chickie Walsh said...

My dog does things like that too. They can't help themselves. They must destroy. Cute fix for the hat.