Monday, December 14, 2015

A Rose Without Thorns

I loved the rose print on this vintage Laura Ashley dress, but the drop waist and giant buttons down the back were definitely holding it back from being the best dress it could be.

Clothes Swap HaulRose Dress - Before

I removed the buttons from the back and the little ones cinching up the sleeves. I sewed the back closed since the collar was plenty big enough to go on and off over my head. I cut a few inches off the top portion and reattached the skirt higher to raise the waist. I also trimmed and hemmed the skirt to more flattering length.

Rose Dress - AfterRose Dress - After

You can find more details and photos at CarissaKnits!

Rose Dress - Before & After


Catherine1216 said...

Much better.

Gingham Ginger said...


Kathy W. said...

SUPER cute!

g.satansbraten said...

NOW you've got me puzzled: was about to do 'reverse' (= make a drop waist) to a 'bust-dominant-short' = may be I should 'stop' in between?

LG, Gerlinde
'think-scratching' her head

Refashion said...

The dress looks sooooo much better now

Debbie EOD

Jenny Hayes said...

Your piece of writing is outstanding. Nobody can compete this site to others. Bidinis

jenny_o said...

Gerlinde, it probably depends on your figure. What I've read is that you should pick your narrowest point to put the waistline. That's different for different people!

g.satansbraten said...

@ Jenny-o:

;-) - "narrowest point..." would bring the waistline to exactly where it's currently (nearly) already: breast-hight !
O.k., o.k., apologies for being 'logically-funny' yet: it might indeed create some (minor) 'head-aches' here.

LG, Gerlinde
with thanks for confirmation of my suspicion about your mentioned recommendation