Friday, December 04, 2015

An accidental Christmas jumper!!

I had been given this scarf, after it was rejected by my son! Now these scarves are huge, and rather than being able to wear it nicely, I was fighting with it? I had recently self drafted a pattern for a jumper and thought, I'll use the scarf to test the pattern.

By coincidence the Love Your Clothes campaign had asked me to retweet their Christmas jumper upcycle competition and then the thought was planted! I decided to give it a try, with the self inflicted condition that I would only use any bits and pieces found in the house, and buy nothing!

I used a piece of net from an old underskirt and jewels that I'd unpicked from the collar of a shirt and made a mess cutting out snowflakes, the old fashioned way.

For the full story have a look here.

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Andrea said...

I love this! Good for all winter long, and I bet its so cozy :) Great job!

Andrea EOD