Friday, December 11, 2015

An old lace curtain - refashioned!

Lace is sometimes expensive to buy.  But old lace curtains are a dime a dozen at thrift stores!  Here's the one I started with.

Cute, right? But those little teapots just weren't working for my decor.  So I carefully cut out some of the flowers and hand basted them onto these leggings:

And then I decided to embellish this top too:

These two pieces were part of a mini wardrobe collection I made for my daughter.
Oh, and there was even one more refashion in this mini collection; I "harvested" the zipper from an old purse and used it in this mini Senna Tote I made for her!

You can see all the pieces I made for this mini wardrobe collection in this blog post.  Come see us over at Skirt Fixation.


Chickie Walsh said...

I really like this. I find a lot of decorating fabrics look great as fashions too.

Andrea said...

I have similar lace (minus the teapots) that I've been hoarding and wondering what I should use it for...I love these ideas as simply adding embellishments! And the bag is so pretty - great fabric choices and reuse of the zip!

Andrea EOD