Wednesday, December 16, 2015

La Belle Femme. Or a Coin Refashioned into Jewelry!

I don't just collect vintage handbags and jewelery, and thrift and refashion clothes and shoes, I collect coins from various places where I have travelled and fashion them into jewelry.  That way I have a permanent wearable souvenir of wonderful times travelling with my family.  Here is my most recent refashion, but I will post about others I have done in up-coming posts.
First I started with a pile of coins from various countries where I have travelled, and decided on this French 10 Centime coin, with this beautiful lady's face, in which I had previously drilled two holes for a bracelet project but ended up not using because of a mistake in drilling holes in the coin.
 Unfortunately one was in the wrong place and a bit too far from the edge, but c'est la vie.  I will work with it anyways.
Then using a Dremel tool with a small abrasive head, I abraded all around the female head on one side of the coin to give it some texture and interest.
Once the abrading was done, I gathered the other things I needed for this project, two gold jump rings, a chain with a clasp, metal cutters, and two jewelry pliers; one flat and one rounded.
I cut the chain in half opposite the clasp to allow me to insert the coin.  Then I added the two jump rings to the two holes in the coin, added the chain, and I'm done.
I think this turned out very well and I am very pleased with the results.  I  have been wearing this every day since I made it.  Cheers, Michele


Saga said...

Cool. I have a collection of centimes, francs, Marks, pfennig, shilling and groschen, that I didn't remember to exchange, when you could.
Maybe I can use them for decorative purposes.

jennifer elliott said...

So lovely! What a great idea to turn foreign currency into beautiful jewelry. Great job.

Jennifer, EOD