Thursday, December 17, 2015

Nerdy, ugly Christmas sweater

My husband's work was planning an ugly sweater contest for their holiday party. Normally, he wouldn't participate in such an event, but I offered to make him an awesomely ugly sweater. He went for it. We looked for ideas online and found some Star Trek themed ones. Then we bought this truly hideous, synthetic-fiber sweater from the thrift store to decorate.

He wanted Captains Kirk and Picard on the sweater, and I wanted them to be recognizable. I used this tutorial to print their pictures and a few other images onto fabric using my inkjet printer. I love learning a new technique, and this one worked really well. I added some glitter paint for pizzazz.

I glittered all the letters, too, and used fabric to make little Santa hats for the Captains. 
Then I glued it all to the back. Here's how it turned out.


This is used an image of the Star Trek insignia pin and decorated it like a Christmas tree. 
Then I put it on the front in the place it would go on a uniform. Here it is.


Thanks for reading!  - Amy


jennifer elliott said...

Truly a beautiful ugly sweater! I love the Star Trek theme. Great job.

Jennifer, EOD

Vintagethrifter51 said...

Love the sweater, I would be proud to wear it. Cheers, Michele

Kathy W. said...

I love it!!

Skirt Fixation said...

Ha Ha Ha! You totally need to link this sweater up to the Ugly Sweater Contest over at

Lovenicky said...

My husband would LOVE to have this! Thanks for the inspiration!