Monday, December 28, 2015

Scarf to Infinity Scarf

A few months ago the husband came home from work with a present for me! Apparently one of the girls he works with took a trip to the middle east and brought back a bunch of beautiful scarfs for all of her co-workers, my husband being a male got to bring a scarf home for me!
A beautifully bright colored scarf! Now, I like scarfs as much as the next person but I really prefer them to be infinity scarfs. I just love how they look all bunched up!

I took a piece of yellow lace and sewed it to the scarf to make it an infinity scarf.
I wore my new scarf on our drive down to Florida. Who says you can't be comfy and look cute too, when on a road trip!

We hit Florida and ran into a long backup of traffic. So close yet so far!

Perfectly cute for traveling clothes!

Happy Refashioning!!! 
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Refashion said...

I like the delicate lace and beautiful bright colours combined.

Debbie EOD

Marisa Glied said...

Thank you! I love all thr colors in the scarf!