Thursday, December 17, 2015

Shawl Refashion - Faux Fur Fab #muppetchic

From simple Shawl to easy vest
I needed a little shawl for a red dress I was wearing last weekend.  So I ran to JoAnn fabric and grabbed 1 yard of faux fur and 1.5 yards of white sparkly fabric for a lining.

The shawl was a big hit at the party, but it kept slipping off and I found it hard to wear.  It desperately needed a REFASHION!

Using a sweater that I had in my closet this fun, furry shawl, got a quick refashion.

I found a sweater to use as a pattern

I folded in the arms to make a vest

I cut around my "pattern" (leaving a generous seam allowance)

I used the back panel as a pattern for the front panel

Cut the neck line for the front of the vest

10 minutes of sewing later - Voila!!!

Great for going to a play date
Great accent for a party dress

While this vest is very muppet chic, no Elmo's were harmed in the making of this vest!

For a complete tutorial, visit by blog:



jennifer elliott said...

Sooooo much better! I hate it when straps or anything similar doesn't stay put. Great job.

Jennifer, EOD

Accidental Seamstress said...

This is great, Kathy. LOVE it!