Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Skirt extender

I don't like to wear very short skirts and dresses, but I own quite a lot of such ones. So I decided to make myself a skirt extender, a half slip with a decorative edge meant to show.

I used the remnants of a jersey maxi skirt, that I refashioned and used the bottom of (I was sure, I blogged
about it, but I didn't).
Strange design right on the belly. But who cares, it wont show. I bought the skirt in Greece in 1998.
And a stretch lace remnant from a sales pile.

I simply stitched to two parts together. I cut around the lace pattern at the bottom, to give it a nice finished edge. The edges don't unravel.
I wear my most colourful tights in the pictures, so you can see the lace.

A short knitted dress without skirt extender:

And with skirt extender. I like it a lot. Practical and pretty at the same time:

The waistband folded to show less of the lace.
Because the lace part of the extender is so wide, the skirt extender can be used for a wide variety of lengths of skirts and dresses.


Valerie said...

That's a very good idea! I have way too many short dresses as well. I usually scrunch them up and wear them as tops, but sometimes they don't look very good that way. A skirt extender would be just the trick!

jennifer elliott said...

Skirt extenders are a fantastic idea. I love your lacy extender. Great job.

Jennifer, EOD