Thursday, December 03, 2015

The Tale of the Corset Top

Buenos dias, Amigas!

Here for your viewing pleasure: a nifty top with a corset front that just would NOT do as-is!

Ummm okay... I THOUGHT I had before pictures. What the heck camera >:( Anyway, this top was adorable, but had some issues. The open front (where the black part is; the black is what I added and wasn't there before) was constantly wrinkling and bunching, and it had a corset-style lace up front with weird, horrible loopy string. Plus it didn't fit great in the shoulders!

The picture above was me pinning a piece of black jersey from a dreadful miniskirt into place to make this one, joined top to a) eliminate the wrinkling of the front panels and b) hopefully minimize the layering I had to do with this top before
Another view. I think I didn't pull the left side down flat, so it looks like Addie is stylishly posing with a hip out, LOL. You can kinda see the little loops that hold the corset laces

The arms were WAY too tight, so I cut away a large chunk under each one, rolled it over, and seamed. You loose a little ruffle, but it's the ruffle right under your armpit, so who cares?!
Muuuccchhhhh better!
I purchased some pink ribbon at the craft store, and used it to lace up the front. I tied a nice bow and tied the ends in knots, and dabbed a little craft glue on the knots to make sure everything holds...

Tah daaahhhh! 
Much cuter, much easier to wear, and MUCH more comfy. All the cuteness of a corset, with none of the lace-up work!

And there ya have it! Another wardrobe save by Addie and Illy! :)



jennifer elliott said...

I love adding laces to jazz up a new top. Great job.

Jennifer, EOD

Samwise J. said...

Thanks Jennifer! :)

Valerie said...


Samwise J. said...

Thanks Valerie! I wore it to work on Friday and got a few compliments!