Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Two Shirts Become One

Ever had a mystery item just appear in your laundry? A few weeks ago, while folding laundry, my mom found this blue shirt.

For some reason part of the back was cut out. She asked me if I knew anything about it. Nope, but once I saw it I had a few ideas of what to do with it!

First I evened up the cut out section on the back, then I got to work figuring out what to fill it in with.

My first thought was a vintage doily, but I wasn't too crazy about that idea once I started digging through my doily box, nothing was quite right!

Then I found this white lacey shirt in my closet. I picked it up a year ago at a thrift store, but it's a bit small so I never got around to wearing it. I decided it would be perfect combined with the blue shirt. I cut the back out of this shirt, and finished cutting the back out of the blue shirt.

Then I sewed the two together. I cut the sleeves off to half-length, then used the scraps of blue fabric to fill in under the lace, saving me from having to wear a tank under this shirt!

Not to bad for a cut up shirt found in the laundry, huh? Now if only we knew how it got there to begin with!

This was a fun and easy project to get done before I submerse myself in sewing Christmas presents. to see some more of my currant projects visit me at The Sewing Goatherd!

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Catherine1216 said...

You have ghosties leaving you gifts in the laundry. This turned out nicely.

RanchHouse said...

Such a pretty save Thanks for sharing
Mary @ RanchHouse EOD