Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Use your vintage linens for a super easy gift - Paganoonoo

Are you like me - with a stash of vintage linens you could not resist but you aren't sure what to do with them?  (or you could get your hands on some)...

And you would love to give homemade gifts but don't feel you have the time?  I have a solution:

One day when I was packing for vacation and putting my shoes in a plastic bag for the suitcase it occurred to me that there was an opportunity to use something much nicer to hold my shoes.

So I rummaged through my vintage linens and realized that some of the dresser scarves were ideal candidates for shoe holders. 
This dresser scarf looked promising.
I checked the sizing out by placing the shoes on top.  Just enough width, detectable by the appearance of extra room on both sides of the shoes.  A bit long, and long is fine, width is critical.
Press the dresser scarf well as wrinkles will distort the shape. Then pin the sides and mark the center line.
This is important - start with the middle seam, and begin sewing from the open end.  The reason for this is so that the open ends don't end up at different lengths.  Unless you have a walking foot on your machine all the time the feed dogs will shift the fabric slightly as you sew.  
Then sew the sides closed, also starting from the open end.  Clip the threads and you are done.  Only 3 seams!!!!  Yeah!!!
Slip the shoes in.
Wouldn't that be much more pleasant to pack and unpack?  
Mine bring a smile to my face every time I use them.  

When I've given these as gifts the recipients are delighted.  
With all the different sizes of vintage linens it would be easy to make these for men and children's shoes too.  

Happy Upcycling!  Michelle


Alyssa Wesselmann said...

This is such a clever idea!

Amy Jo said...

oh wow! I love this idea! Thanks!

cfortin said...

I wish I had a stash of pretty linens! Thanks for sharing your fun idea.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab

Michelle Paganini said...

Thank you! I find most of my vintage linens at thrift stores. When I travel to the midwest I always scour the thrift stores there because there are so many more than in the Bay Area. Estate sales are good too. Goodwill online was selling collections of vintage linens last time it looked.