Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Why reinvent the wheel?

Himself gave me his latest set of airline PJs. He never wore 'em. Just packed them up after removing them from the plastic bag knowing that I'd want them. What a nice guy!

(Imagine that said by Maddy Kahn in 'Blazing Saddles' -- it's a lot funnier). 

I've made one of these tops before, so see here for the link to my post on Refashion Co-op, which also contains a link to the very simple -- and free! -- tutorial I followed at Wobisobi. Mind, hers uses a short sleeve T but the directions work just the same for long sleeve.

Bit of cutting, two seams and these extra large BA PJs became a top that can wrap all round your waist and tie in the back

 or front

or you can tie the tips of the ends into a knot


so the loop you just made flips over your head. That last option shortens the top considerably. 

Old pyjamas everywhere -- beware! 


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jennifer elliott said...

I love wrap shirts. Very nice.

Jennifer, EOD