Thursday, December 03, 2015

Winter Gear From A Sweater

Hello Refashion Co-op. I hope you are somewhere warm and cozy and you can sew at your leisure. HAHA! I know, you're busy and that is just a nice daydream. Here is a quick project for you when you have time to sew. Winter gear to keep you warm, made from a sweater. This was a nice sweater but it had some sparkle to it that I wasn't crazy about. It was great for this project I saw on Facebook.

You are going to cut this sweater up to make all the pieces you need. First, cut the cowl neck off the sweater. Keep the binding or seam attached to the neck. It will keep it from unraveling. This is the scarf. If you need to, turn the edge under and stitch it down. 

Cut the arms off, they will be leg warmers. The wrist is the cute part that will peek out of your boots.

Use your hands as a guide to cut out two big hands from the sides for mittens. The center should be bid enough to cut out a hat shape. Put the right sides together and stitch the raw edges.

Here are all my finished items. They were a gift.

She loved it.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fabulous for yourself.


Catherine Harnisch said...

I have accidentally shrunk a cashmere sweater. Plus it had a moth hole. Would make a great hat and mittens!

Chickie Walsh said...

That would be so soft and wonderful. I love cashmere.

jennifer elliott said...

Your friend looks super happy with your gift. I love that sweaters have a second use after the first time around. Nice job.

Jennifer, EOD

cucicucicoo: ecological living said...

I love how much you've managed to get out of this one sweater! :) Lisa

Chickie Walsh said...

Thanks! She was almost too happy. Haha

Chickie Walsh said...

Thanks, it was a real lesson in space management.