Sunday, December 13, 2015

Wrap up

What to do with this XXL?

I wrapped the front up...

...and now it fits!

See the rest of my Dressember projects here on my blog!


jenny_o said...

Really nice! I like it without the belt, too!

Carissa said...

The houndstooth print is so cute. Nice save! I love both ways you've styled it too.


Gingham Ginger said...

Looks great on you!

Kathy W. said...

VERY nicely done!

g.satansbraten said...

Aaaah, getting my husbands-complaint as well ;-) :-D ??? Hi5 - well done!
His 'sigh': NOT to die after me, since he presumes my funeral being a 'veeery expensive one'
1 coffin for my bodily leftovers
1 (at times he's even more cheeky and makes it 2 ^^) additional coffin for my phantasies/ideas

LG, Gerlinde