Monday, January 04, 2016

A different kind of stocking filler...

Hello! Happy New Year!
Yes - I'm late with that... forgive me, here's to a Happy, Healthy & Productive 2016 :)

If you're anything like me, old tights are a bit of a conundrum, in terms of sustainable fashion. I mean, once they're laddered, their days are numbered... unless you have any ideas to share? Please do! What do YOU do with YOURS..?

In the meantime, here's one idea, to do with refashioning your Christmas decorations (if, like me, you keep on dragging the same baubles out, year after year...).

Here's the 'Before';

and here's the 'After', as modelled by Rod;

It's really very easy to do, and I think a nice way of revamping the tree... all the details are here on my blog - would love to see yours!

Big hug x

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