Saturday, January 23, 2016

A jumpsuit refashioned into a blouse

It's a very nice jumpsuit, but not for me!

 So I refashioned it into a blouse, inspired by one of the many necklines I had seen in the film Brooklyn.

 And finally managed to match these vintage buttons to a fabric that they really sat well with.

At the same time I was also experimenting with sleeve shapes, although this one was far too splayed out in its shaping?

 So I manipulated it into becoming a feature, working with the styling of the blouse I was making! For full details have a look at my blog!


Marisa Glied said...

Love your new shirt! It's beautiful!


Linda Wilson said...

Thank you!

Carissa said...

So cute! I can't believe how perfect those buttons are for that fabric!


Linda Wilson said...

The buttons, when I found them in the favourites tin, I was so pleased!!

barnsnoblsaddict said...

Sew impressive! Very classic and vintage looking shirt!