Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A warmer winter headband, and a use for an orphaned glove

You know how you're always losing your winter gloves and hats? (Or at least I am!) For a long story of how I came across the raw materials for this refashion, be sure and check out my blog. For the short version, just see below.

I took this purple winter headband that was adorable but not nearly warm enough, paired it with a fleece glove that was all alone in the world, and constructed myself a new headband that keeps my ears warm in any amount of wind!

The glove after I cut off the fingers and all the seams. I ended up using the piece on the right, after cutting it in half

Testing out the placement of the fleece panels on the inside of the headband

I kept the fleece loose and only sewed down the 4 corners, so it wouldn't impair the stretchiness of the headband.

And... finished! It looks just like it always did, but it's a million times warmer!
I was so delighted with the product that I plan to use this technique on all my winter hats that are more decorative than functional!


Kathy W. - One Brown Mom said...

So smart! I love this refashion!

Michelle Paganini said...

Brilliant idea!

vintagevogue said...

Great idea! This kind of thing is so worth the time, for something you'll wear over and over.

Andrea said...

I as well have this issue with one of my knitted makes and have talked about (but not yet acted) lining it with fleece to add that true warmth and protection from the cold and wind...must act! Plus, this is such a cute headband ;)

Andrea EOD