Saturday, January 30, 2016

Attach your knickers to your bra and look fabulous

I have been dying to show this of! I think it is hilarious and giggle to myself as I walk around town with a thong attached to my bra.

Everything can be refashioned. Everything, even panties. I had a small handfull of thongs, that was "free gift with purchace" of some bras I once bought. Never used them. When I recently sorted out my wardrobe, they were unearthed and I decided to let an idea of mine come to life.
When I first saw these pictures on Pinterest, my thought was: "That woman is attaching a thong to her bra??"
Link to the picture as I don't think I am allowed to post it here:

Such a cleavage cover is a good idea. I don't feel the need to cover up completely, but a neckline can become too deep. And also I like layering my outfits, and with these I can add a layer without adding the bulk of a camisole.

I cut the back off of the panties.
Then I put on the cleavage cover-to-be and marked where to put snaps. And added those.


The sides of the cleavage cover is folded around the straps of the bra and you close the snaps. The lower edge is folded down and around bra edge. A proper tightfitting bra will be able to hold the edge of the cleavage cover in place.

Styling. I like how they add a bit of interest to a simple shirt. The same way a necklace does.


Chickie Walsh said...

This is an AMAZING idea! I love it. How pretty they look. fabulous.

g.satansbraten said...

Oh, that's not 'sooo' new; 1/2 sorry. At least not for me out here where new villages incl. shopping-Centres currently seem to sprout better than brussels-sprout YET with the disadvantage of (= mho!) ONE fast food outlet per resident (= hence some are looking matching ^^!) and hardly any 'useful' shops apart from Supermarkets which lately tend to have a clothes section as well.
HENCE: when the 'far far away haberdashery and material shop' doesn't have either matching colour lace or the dye-price gets me up the wall, my supermarket can find me storming through their panty-section instead.
Cheeky me was even lucky enough to have had a few existing ones useful on hands which - after all and let's face it: have only ONE fan to look at whilst on my behind yet heaps more when incorporated onto some upper-ware ;-) .
Funniest story ever was at one stage, where the undie was bright orange-red and a perfect match to a thrifted full skirt which turned high low dress for me with the 'undie in-, aehem, on-set' this was fine and perfect and and and until my husband had a 'thinking look' at it and came up with the puzzled question of approx. "Don't I remember THIS lace bit from elsewhere, dear?"

LG, Gerlinde

g.satansbraten said...

The lack of 'useful' shops is ONE thing (problem) for a woman; to find a smart husband which is naive-stupid IN time, is another thing/problem ;-) :-D

LG, Gerlinde

... and your lace inset-solution is the PERFECT thing, when another layer of clothes (= T-shirt f. example) is not an option due to weather - mho and 'fast learning curve' as migrant to Australia coming from a more moderate climate

jenny_o said...

What a great idea!

Gerlinde, your comments always crack me up :)

g.satansbraten said...

;-) crack and/or cheer up is - mho -wayyyy better than tears.
Since I'm already in the 'high maturity age range' (= years counted not really wisdom :-o + ;-) !) some of my own 'survival-ideas' might even fit for some younger ones = go for it folks - together we're strong(er)!

LG, Gerlinde

Carissa said...

Fabulous idea! What a great way to use those coordinating thongs and add a little extra flair to your plain shirts at the same time.


jenny_o said...

Gerlinde, please share - I'm in a "higher maturity age range" as well and I'd love to hear your tips!