Friday, January 15, 2016

Faux fur scarf refashioned to faux fur scarf that stays fastened!

Now it's colder here I'm glad I made this! Over the years I've collected many faux fur collars and scarves, but the problem with most of them is that they don't fasten well.

This is a faux fur scarf, a simple strip, cut up the middle and ready to sew with bits of leftover lining. This scarf needed a remake because the fabric was so soft and shiny that any form of tying just slipped out?

This is a selection of a few of the other scarves I have

And the different types of fastenings they have, which I have tried out, and decided the best one is.....

this one! A faux fur, lined scarf with a loop for the tail to sit through. It stays in place always. For a look at alternative fastenings and a tutorial on how to make this scarf, have a look here!


Andrea said...

They all look so cozy and warm! Good job on another lovely addition to the group.

Andrea EOD

TheRefashStash said...

Looks so soft and warm! Very cool!


Unknown said...

It's colder here now, so I can even test the favourite properly! Thanks for leaving the comments.

vintagevogue said...

Good solution! I was given a fur collar (that used to be attached to someone's sweater) and I was wondering what you do with those. Do you wear it like a scarf? How do you keep it in place?