Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Lace Up Yer Roses

Wooo hoo!

First refashion of 2016; complete!

This one was pretty basic, but it took some doin'! Come along and check it out....

Adorable, but toooo big in the bust area!

Not good. Plus, as much as I like strapless, I don't like fussing the fussing around that goes with it (you know, the constant cinching up, etc)

Step one: remove stupid broken ribbon hanger loops, and belt loops. I will literally never wear this belted, so there was no need to keep em!

Flip inside out and pin...

We did some major Frankenpining to make everything tight!

Sew down the sides...

...And stitch together at the top, since this seam was bulky and my sewing machine said noooo thank you

What is this for??

Ahhhh I see!

Each piece was JUST barely long enough!

Sew in the front...

Sew in the back...


Ze back

And now the bust is nice and fitted. The lace is thick enough too that I can honestly get away with wearing my nude bra underneath. You can hardly see the straps!

Now just a quick iron of the bottom ruffles and she'll be good to go! I hope 2016 has been good to y'all so far. Here's to another year of refashions!



jennifer elliott said...


TheRefashStash said...

Love the addition of the lace! I feel that strapless looks weird on me, so I will have to try this! Great job!


Unknown said...

Thanks ladies! Marisa; adding 'straps' of some kind is always a good option. It's less involved than sleeves, but still adds security. I like strapless things but I think I'll keep them reserved to special occasions... I reeally do hate fussing with them all day :P

Andrea said...

Yay on the straps! Strapless is iffy with me too and I feel this makes the top so much more wearable, which means it'll get much more use. Great job!

Andrea EOD