Thursday, January 28, 2016

A New Paganoonoo Design upcycled from men's dress shirts

My favorite version of the Paganoonoo Cindy Blouse pattern so far is this dark grey and white beauty. I scour the thrift stores for large and/or broad stripes and when I spotted this one I knew it was a winner. It's a poly/cotton blend, as is the white one.  Both have a nice hand yet do not hold on to wrinkles. I used some of what I learned in my fashion class, Principles of Design, to create the shape in white.  It mimics a mock hourglass silhouette echoing bust, waist, hips on the left side of the blouse.  It's impossible to look at the blouse without focusing on this shape. Besides creating a pleasing design, it also breaks up the width the blouse, giving the impression of slimness.                    Happy Thrifting and Happy Upcycling!



jennifer elliott said...

The shirt looks really sharp. Love it.

Jennifer, EOD

P.S. Don't forget to add titles to your posts. Thanks!

Marisa Glied said...