Friday, January 01, 2016

New Year, New Look for Sweater Dress

Happy New Year! Mostly because I'm stubborn, and like the idea of sweater dresses more than the look, sometime last year I bought this sweater dress from Goodwill. My best friend told me not to. I should have listened. The dress hung unworn in my closet, up until a few days ago.

I finally figured out how to make this dress wearable. I cut it open down the center front.

Then used some fabric from an out grown black velvet skirt of my sister's to finish the unfinished edges.

Some decorative stitches, a bit of elastic, a covered hook and eye, and I had a very wearable long cardigan!

Check out the whole process in my original blog post!

Happy New Year!


Andrea said...

I do the same with these sweater dresses...I've resonated a good few that just didn't look right after all :-/ But great save on this one! Lovely color :)

Andrea EOD

Saga said...

It looks great!