Thursday, January 14, 2016

Paganoonoo Pattern in progress - Michelle Dress

I love dresses.  And I really love dresses with big pockets, hence my latest upcycle design.
Did I mention I also love shirt dresses?  

I've come up with the best of all three!!!

The pockets are huge and deep.  The dress buttons all the way up the front. 

This is a prototype.  I want to make a cosy red flannel version that I will probably want to wear for weeks at a time. 
More details on my blog


Andrea said...

How cool are those pockets??? I love the style of this dress, and would totally wear it as a tunic slightly how you constructed them by turning the sleeves inside out and the shape that that gives to the bottom portion! So cool.

Andrea EOD

Michelle Paganini said...

Thank Andrea, The pockets are very cool. Fun to wear and a conversation point to boot. When I wear my samples out women stop me constantly I think because it is such a comfortable looking and fun dress. I'll be posting a very femine version with lace soon, just need to get it photographed.

Michelle Paganini said...

This pattern is making a debut at the Sewing Expo in Puyallup, WA, USA this weekend. Sound to be available on Craftsy - Paganoonoo - The Michelle Dress